The Joy Principle is a way of living that encourages and cultivates happiness. It's not a belief system and it doesn't require any special rituals or time commitment.
It's simple and that's its power.

Happier in 5 days challenge

Day 1.

Calibrating your Joy receptors.

What is Joy and where does it come from? The ones you love, your friends, where your live or the stuff you own?

Day 2.

Identify the joy in your life.

The answers are the foundation of your happiness, attitude, priorities and your strength.

Day 3.

Prepare for joy each day.

Being present, looking for Joy in every aspect of the moment.
Being Joyful.

Day 4.

Using Joy as your protection.

There are times when life throws something at you where there is no joy no matter how hard you look.

Day 5.

The positive effects of living a Joyful life.

See Joy in your life and you'll be happier, stronger and a better person to be around.

The challenge will take place on Facebook in a closed group.
Each challenge is limited to 100 people.
The challenge will be scheduled when there are 100 people who want to take part.

The Joy Principle

"Joy is the seed of Happiness"